H2 Based on our state-of-art design of high purity H2 and rich experience of product developing, CHYBiotech delivers flexible and custom solutions to our OEM/ODM partners, adding value to their products and services and providing them with new revenue opportunities, while using our established sales channels to broaden their market reach.

Request confirmed

Project discussion and definition of details of business model.


Design provided and definition of specification

CHYBiotech would provide all related design to customer and confirm all details of specification and material.


Confirmation of the design of product provided by customer

Confirm the feasibility of all related details of the product based on the design provided by customer.

Contract confirmed

Confirmation of the contract details including but not limited to the cost of molding, cost and delivery time of sample, product specification, packaging, terms of warranty.

Sample production

CHYBiotech will produce product sample at once, after confirmation of the cost and delivery time with customer.

Sample amendment

The stage of sample amendment might be conducted for several times until mutual consensus is reached.

Sample approval

Details of molding and mass production plan will be confirmed after sample approval.

Tooling and pilot run

The product produced under pilot run will be tested. The products will be kept improving until mutual consensus is reached.

Mass production

The final amendment of tooling and molding, production process, and packaging process will be conducted by CHYBiotedh before mass production.

Product verification

Quality control process will be conducted after mass production.

Packaging and logistic

After the QC process, the products will be packaged and delivered to the designated location.

Contact us

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