The acme of purity achieves greatness

Ultimate 4N insistence. SGS certified 99.995% purity

We apply Proton Exchange Membrane(PEM)of DuPont™ and iridium coatings catalytic electrode to our hydrogen-production core, and this PEM-based Technology electrolyzes distilled water(H2O)to only pure H2and O2, and could be understood as the reverse reaction of hydrogen fuel cell. Our apparatus protects our client from any by-product such as magnesium while consuming the very pure.


Large volume of H2 flow

Increases volume of hydrogen per minute would strengthen antioxidant capacity. Our apparatus delivers the massive 500mL hydrogen flow per minute, allowing our clients get more H2 and antioxidant capacity in a short time.

Start inhaling H2 simply by connecting nasal cannula

We provide our clients H2 with purity of 99.995%. Simply connect nasal cannula and you could start inhaling H2 directly and your body will be full of hydrogen molecule in a short time. By means of H2 inhalation, it increase antioxidant capacity. Researches also showed H2 inhalation increases hydrogen molecular concentration of brain and muscle cells several times than drinking hydrogen water.

1 touch 8 hours nonstop H2 gas

H2 gas machine with traditional water electrolysis has poor H2-producing efficiency, but along with a large amount of heat. It results in sharp temperature increase of machine, and users have to turn off the machine every 30 minutes to 2 hours to cool it down in order to avoid overheating.
Our PEM + MEA technology equips our products with high H2-producing efficiency, but along with only a small amount of heat. Together with our special heat dissipation module, the machine will not be overheated even under continuous use of 8 hours.
Press the button and enjoy 8 hours of safe and pure hydrogen gas.

Makes hydrogen-rich drinks in 120 seconds

The massive 500mL/min hydrogen gas flow output allows you to make any hydrogen-rich drinks you like in a very short time.
Simply put the H2 transportation tube into any drink you like and enjoy the H2 rich drink (e.g. water, tea, coffee, juice, wine, liquor or even hot drink).

Water-collection device

The built-in device collects 93.7% of water along with hydrogen gas, which are generated from the machine. It allows people inhale just gas, but not with water. The collected water will flow back to the water tank and extend the total using time.

SGS-certified 99.995% hydrogen purity

Cooperating with SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, the test report issued by Ultra Trace & Industrial Safety Hygiene shows the purity of hydrogen is 99.995%.
On April 28, 2014, Agency Response Letter GRAS Notice No. 520, issued by Food and Drug Administration(FDA)of USA indicated hydrogen gas is GRAS(Generally Recognized as Safe)as food additives;but only when the hydrogen purity reaches 99.995%.We firmly believe it is only the purist H2 can be helpful to human bodies.

Product Specification

Model No.


Molecular Hydrogen Output

500 ± 10% mL/min.

Purity of Molecular Hydrogen

> 99.995%(SGS Certified)


330 x 250 x 360 mm

Input Voltage

AC100-240V, 50-60Hz

Power Consumption

< 235 W

Electrical Conductivity of Water

< 5 μs/cm


8.0 kg

Place of production


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