Infuses pure H2 into water to make genuine H2 rich water

Infuses pure H2 into water
to make genuine H2 rich water

Produce hydrogen gas with high purity and infuse it into our drinking water is the easiest way of making hydrogen-rich water. And it is the only way to ensure the safety and effectiveness of hydrogen water.
It is easy to find many companies sell cheap “hydrogen water bottle “ or other similar products, but with low quality. These companies applied traditional electrolysis to these products, and claimed these bottles can transformed plain water to hydrogen-rich water. However traditional electrolysis only produces very few H2 but also along with byproduct such as HClO, Cl2 or O3 which are harmful to health.


Produces hydrogen-rich water in 120 seconds

You can simply connect CHY100HA with its specific H2 – drink bottle, to produce any kind of H2 rich drink(e.g. water, tea, coffee, juice, wine or liquor)with 1,400 ppb H2 concentration in 120 seconds.

PCTG bottle provides great FDA-granted food safety

H2-drink bottle is made up of PCTG. It has great clarity, excellent toughness and good heat resistance at ~120˚C. It is food safe as granted by U.S. FDA, and so will not release a harmful compound bisphenol A, therefore you would feel safe while drinking H2 water or other H2 drinks which are produced by this bottle.

Make yourself a H2-rich drink anytime anywhere

Feel free to put materials such as tea or nutrition supplement into the water filter inside the bottle to make your favorite drinks, or you can make your cold or hot water, coffee, juice, liquor with rich H2.

A perfect water-and-gas mixer with 6,000 RPM

The H2-drink bottle equips with 6000 RPM (Revolutions per minute) motor. The spiral friction design mixes hydrogen gas with liquid in the bottle, and allows the hydrogen concentration of any kind of H2 rich drink (e.g. water, tea, coffee, juice, wine or liquor) in the bottle to reach 1,400 ppb in 120 seconds.

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